My Inspiration for Murder at Merewood Hospital

I’ve always wanted to write a mystery where the murders occur in an isolated location with only a small group of suspects. Murder at Merewood Hospital is the result.

It’s set in 1919 in a temporary military hospital. The Great War is over, and only one doctor and one nurse remain at the hospital. The last five patients must leave so that the hospital can close.

Sister Helen Hopgood is doing all she can to find new homes for the remaining five injured servicemen, but Dr Samuel Bingham seems reluctant to let them go.

Merewood Hospital was once a farm, and its owner wants it back. Joseph Wintringham must sell Merewood Farm if he’s to pay the taxes on Merewood Manor.

But since the murder of a nurse the previous year, locals believe Merewood is cursed – and when another unnatural death occurs on Midsummer’s Eve, it looks like they could be right…

I hope you enjoy reading Murder at Merewood Hospital as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Murder at Merewood Hospital is available in hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook from Amazon and bookstores.