The Iris Woodmore Mysteries

“The story is full of mystery, intrigue and twists, and Iris is a great lead character you can really get behind.”

In the aftermath of the Great War and the suffragette movement, it’s a period of rapid social change.

But even in these progressive times, it can still be deadly for a woman to show too much strength...

While the 1920s was a period of empowerment and greater independence for some women, the reality for many others was that their lives were the same as they had been a decade earlier.

Iris Woodmore is a young woman who wants her life to be very different from that of her mother’s.

She embarks on a journey of discovery as she investigates an inexplicable murder and confronts social prejudices.

“We are plunged into a twisting tale of secrets, families and politics and the characters are fabulously created."

“The pace of the story keeps you guessing who did what and why and there is plenty of artiso family drama. Fans of Downton Abbey will dive right into this one!”

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