Love a good mystery? So do I.

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You’ll see all my books are historical mysteries – because golden age whodunnits are the stories I enjoy reading most.

I love to create memorable characters and devise intriguing plots with a focus on mystery rather than violence.

And, after a journey full of twists and turns, the final chapters reveal all – so you can read each book as a standalone novel (even the Iris Woodmore Mysteries, although the characters develop as the series progresses).

I live in Hampshire, England, and it’s the setting for many of my books. My latest novel, Murder at Merewood Hospital, features Sister Helen Hopgood, the last nurse left in a military hospital in Hampshire at the end of the First World War.

I also have family connections to Devon, and the latest Iris Woodmore Mystery, A Killing at Smugglers Cove, is set on the south coast of Devon in 1923. Iris will be returning to her native Hampshire for a new mystery coming out in August 2024.

I’m grateful to every reader and listener who takes the plunge into the fictional worlds I’ve created.

I hope you enjoy the experience!


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