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10 October 2021: Patricia Cornwell tweets about The Suffragette's Daughter

A lovely surprise today when bestselling author Patricia Cornwell tweeted about The Suffragette's Daughter. I was delighted when she messaged me to say she has it on her Kindle and is looking forward to reading it!

30 September 2021: Out now! Readers' Club Roundup with the latest news and blogs

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24 September 2021: A flurry of five star reviews!

I've been delighted with some of the five star reviews I've received recently for The Suffragette's Daughter. This one on Amazon was especially lovely:

"A compelling burn to a powerful climax:
Beautifully written historical detail within a story peopled by characters that elicit strong emotions, and a mystery that compares with the best. Highly recommended."

31 August 2021: Out now! Readers' Club Roundup with the latest news and blogs

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5 August 2021: French translation rights sold to L'Archipel

French translation rights have been agreed for The Suffragette's Daughter. I can't wait to see ‘La Fille de la Suffragette' in print; it will be my first foreign language edition.

31 July 2021: Out now! Readers' Club Roundup with a free Iris Woodmore short story

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27 July 2021: Open Road Integrated Media (OR/M) acquires Bloodhound Books

Exciting news! My publisher, Bloodhound Books, has become part of Open Road Integrated Media (OR/M), a fast-growing publishing marketing tech company based in the US.

OR/M has a catalogue of 11,000 titles, including such luminaries as Alice Walker, Joan Didion, Jack Higgins, Josephine Hart, Bruce Chatwin, Ben Okri, Beryl Bainbridge, Gerald Durrell, Hammond Innes and Dorothy Sayers, to name a few.

Paul Slavin, CEO, said, “We are so pleased to be partnering with Bloodhound Books and their terrific founders. We specialize in putting wonderful books in front of passionate readers. Our community is deep and wide. We will do everything we can to put your work in front of our folks all across the world. A glass raised (metaphorically speaking) to success - happy authors and thrilled readers.”

16 July 2021: Check out my local author promotion at Fleet Library

As a local author, Fleet Library kindly featured me on their social media pages, along with the following staff recommendation for The Suffragette's Daughter:

"Set in 1920’s post-war Britain, Iris Woodmore is a young and ambitious trainee journalist tasked with writing about the forthcoming elections. Iris attends a debate at the House of Commons with Sybil Siddons, the third woman to stand for Parliament. During the visit, Iris comes across information which raises doubts about the circumstances surrounding her mother Violet’s death, 6 years earlier when she drowned in the Thames during her participation in a suffragettes' protest. Iris also finds out that fellow suffragette, Rebecca, who accompanied her mother, disappeared shortly after the incident. What happened to Rebecca has never been established. Iris is a determined, progressive, young woman who wants to find answers and will not stop until she does. This is a story of secrets, families, politics and a pinch of romance. I would not hesitate to recommend it as a good read."

6 July 2021: Audiobook of The Suffragette's Daughter released in US

The US audiobook was published today by Tantor Audio - they also included it in their Picks of the Week, commenting that fans of Anna Lee Huber and Downton Abbey will enjoy this engrossing historical crime mystery.

30 June 2021: Out now! Readers' Club Roundup with the latest new covers designs

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25 June 2021: Dramatic new cover design goes live!

The Suffragette's Daughter (Kindle edition and paperback) has a striking and evocative new cover design.

14 June 2021: Audiobook is now available to pre-order

The audiobook of The Suffragette's Daughter will be released on 17 June 2021 in the UK - you can pre-order now from Amazon. (US audiobook pub date is 6 July 2021.)

10 June 2021: Large print edition now available in libraries

The large print edition of The Suffragette's Daughter is now available to libraries from W. F. Howes Ltd.

9 June 2021: Summer holiday read promotion

The Suffragette's Daughter is available at the special price of 99p/99¢ on Kindle for five days only!

7 June 2021: Audiobook release date set for June 2021

Exciting news! The audiobook of The Suffragette's Daughter is scheduled for release on 17 June 2021 by Tantor Media, read by Louise Williams.

31 May 2021: Out now! Readers' Club Roundup with latest news on audiobook releases

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4 May 2021: Kindle promo - one week only!

The Suffragette's Daughter at promo price on Kindle (UK and US) for this week only.

31 March 2021: Author interview with Gail Williams

Thanks to crime writer Gail Williams for featuring me on her blog. Click here to read the interview.

23 March 2021: Global publication day!

The Suffragette's Daughter has now been released across the world with some great reviews coming in...

"Great read - had me hooked from the start."

10 March 2021: Audiobook and large print book deal signed in UK and US

I’m thrilled an audiobook deal has been agreed for The Suffragette’s Daughter as a UK and US collaboration between W. F. Howes and Tantor Media. There will also be a large print edition.

8 March 2021: Pre-order day for The Suffragette's Daughter 

Happy International Women's Day:

Today we celebrate the wonderful women we know and those that came before. The Suffragette's Daughter is a beautiful historical novel about the legacy one woman left behind and the daughter searching for the truth. 

Pre order now: The Suffragette's Daughter

27 February 2021: The Suffragette's Daughter - cover reveal on Instagram

Check out the cover reveal for my latest book on Instagram.

26 February 2021: New cover reveal video has been launched

Visit my Facebook page to see the full cover reveal video for The Suffragette's Daughter.

12 September 2020: New book deal signed with Bloodhound Books

I'm delighted to announce I've signed a new book deal with Bloodhound Books. My historical crime fiction murder mystery novel, The Suffragette's Daughter, will be published in March 2021.

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