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The Iris Woodmore Mysteries

A compelling burn to a powerful climax
"Beautifully written historical detail within a story peopled by characters that elicit strong emotions, and a mystery that compares with the best. Highly recommended." Merlin Ward

Gripping Read
"This was a gripping read. I liked the characters and really wanted to know what would happen next. There was added interest for me as I live in Fleet, near Aldershot. It was an excellent book. Highly recommended." Mark R

Highly Recommended
"What a great book! I loved the characters and the ever deepening plot. Certainly kept me turning the pages. I’m already looking forward to the next Iris Woodmore book and hoping that some of the other characters we’ve been introduced to in this book appear again! Highly recommend this book to anyone who like historical fiction and a twisty plot."
Sarah Bourne

Gripping & suspenseful

"A gripping and suspenseful novel which leaves you wanting more. Roll on number two from this talented historical/crime writer." Mr D R Hughes

Couldn’t stop reading
"This was a wonderfully written historical fiction mystery. It is also a commentary on how times have changed. I've been appalled by things in the present lately, but this book helped me realize we really have come a long way.

The book was very gripping and I stayed up much later than I should have because I couldn't stop turning the pages. It appears this is going to be a series and I am excited to read more." Faye Ridpath

"This is the first book I read from this author and let me tell you that I loved it! Such a good book with great characters that keeps you obsessed with every page since the first one. The ending of this book.. come on! I just didn´t expect it! Can´t wait to read other books from this great writer! Amazing job! a must-read! A fantastic book that has it all! I happily endorse this story to any and all who are looking for a fiction enjoyable read and a completely different experience than anyone could imagine on their own. Great book!" Jennifer Shepard

A page turning mystery
"I found this to be a real page turner and couldn't put it down. So much so that I stayed up until the early hours to find out what happens. The ending did not disappoint. A thoroughly enjoyable novel. I'm looking forward to the next in the series." Amazon Customer

1920s at its best
"When you get to the end of a book and feel sad that the book is finished, you know you have just read a worthwhile story. The characters are brilliantly written and swept me along in an intriguing tale. The world of 1920 England was well portrayed and believable. It is one story I will remember." Sylvia

Really enjoyable read
"I really enjoyed this book. Iris was my favourite character. I liked how she wouldn't give up. Amazing how much has changed for women in 100 years. 5*." Susan Wallace

An excellent first novel
"The lead character in this historic novel, Iris, is a plucky and inquisitive (if somewhat naïve) trainee journalist trying to come to terms with her mother's death years earlier. Along her journey of discovery she encounters anomalies in the story she'd grown up believing. Caught up in the politics of a local election in which two female and one male candidate are standing, Iris is faced with the realisation that her mother may have been involved in unsavoury activities. As the story progresses Iris is launched into adulthood, and handles her many discoveries with a wisdom that belies her age.

A most enjoyable book which sensitively handles issues of class, law and discrimination. I was really disappointed to reach the end of this novel, which I fittingly read on Mother's Day." N Hancock

"This was an enjoyable book to read. It made me feel like I was living in 1920s England. The people were trying to recover from a war and Iris was still trying to come to grips with her mother’s death several years before. Even though she is technically an adult, she is trying to find her way as a woman in a world where there are certain expectations put on women to act their gender and class.

As for the plot, it definitely took some twists and turns I was not expecting, which made me want to read it even more. All in all, if you like historical fiction and crime, this is the book for you." Kayli

An impressive debut novel
"I really enjoyed the historical setting of this novel and like some other reviewers I was reading it on International Women's Day which was very apt. It was such an interesting time in history and getting to know the book's main character Iris, it brought home how much women's lives have changed over the last century. There are so many freedoms that we take for granted so it was good to be reminded that even when women did get the vote in 1918, to qualify they had to be thirty years old. This historical backdrop made for a really interesting story and brought to life the struggles of the women in the story. It deals with the sad death of Iris's mother and the events surrounding her protest at the House of Commons and Iris's search for the truth.

Alongside this is the story of the three people running for parliament in a by election, two of them women. There are many strands to this story and it is an impressive debut novel." Liz T

Informative yet entertaining
"This was a thoroughly enjoyable novel telling the story from a daughters perspective in post First World War Britain. It highlighted the restrictions women used to face and the battles and sacrifices they went through to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Well written and informative whilst telling a poignant story." Cathy P

A really enjoyable debut novel
"I enjoyed the flowing narrative of this historical crime mystery. Set around a century ago, with an underlying focus on the women's suffrage movement and women in politics, the novel follows the protagonist, trainee journalist Iris, as she tries to uncover the mystery around the death of her Mother. Secrets, held for years, are gradually revealed as Iris digs for the truth.

I was fully engaged with the narrative and characters throughout, and the descriptions of the settings enabled me to picture them in my mind. The writer's attention to detail and historical fact was very good, it was clear from her acknowledgements that she had done her research.

The characters are well drawn and believable, Iris in particular, and I look forward to reading about her in further novels. I would thoroughly recommend 'The Suffragette's Daughter', and have already done so to my book group and various friends." Amazon Customer

Mysteries, politics, landed gentry, women's suffrage and one determined trainee journalist all make for an exciting read!
"In post-WWI Britain, young wannabee journalist Iris Woodmore gets the chance to attend a debate in the House of Commons courtesy of Mrs Siddons, long time friend and only the third woman to stand for parliament. It's a bittersweet occasion for Iris as her mother died there in her capacity as a suffragette in 1914. During the visit, Iris is told that her mother didn't fall into the Thames - she jumped. Determined to get to the truth, Iris begins to search for the other woman who accompanied her mother only to find that she disappeared six years ago, but her investigation uncovers far more than she bargained for.

I really wasn't entirely sure what I was letting myself in for with this one, but it is an original, gripping read. One mystery wrapped up in another sit alongside every day life and even a touch of romance slips in. The story plays out beautifully; then, just as you think you have it all worked out, along comes a twist or three to mess with your head. A clever idea turned into a riveting read by dint of excellent writing makes this an excellent read and one I'm happy to recommend." GraceJ Reviewlady

"This story is entertaining to read about a young lady, solving a past dealing with her mother a woman she can be proud of. The female character Iris a young woman Journalist in the era of 1920's in England. This book have suspense it rollercoaster ride of twist and turns to find out what about to happen with other wonderful characters in her life." Sandra

The Iris Woodmore Mysteries a new cozy crime series set in 1920s England.

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