Meet some of the characters from the Iris Woodmore Mysteries

Here's a brief introduction to some of the regular characters who feature in the Iris Woodmore Mysteries...

Iris Woodmore has recently moved back to her hometown of Walden in Hampshire to work for the local newspaper, The Walden Herald. Haunted by her mother’s death in a suffragette protest, Iris uses her position as a journalist to continue the fight for equality. But she can’t resist turning amateur sleuth when there’s a mystery to solve.

Elijah Whittle is the editor of The Walden Herald and Iris’s boss. He’s an old family friend who was in the intelligence corps with Iris’s father during the Great War. He runs the newspaper from his smoke-filled den, fuelled by coffee and cigarettes.

Horace Laffaye is the wealthy owner of The Walden Herald. Horace doesn’t reveal much about his past. Locals know he worked in finance and assume he’s a retired bank manager. But Horace has traded on Wall Street, travelled the world, and has an enviable network of contacts in high places.

Mrs Sybil Siddons is standing for parliament in the local by-election. If elected, she’ll be only the third woman to take a seat in the House of Commons as a Member of Parliament. She’s been Iris’s friend and confidante since Iris’s mother’s death.

Percy Baverstock works at the Natural History Museum and is a member of the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves. He’s a city boy who loves nature. Dancing to jazz music and watching Douglas Fairbanks movies are his favourite pursuits, especially if he can persuade Iris to be his date.

PC Ben Gilbert is Iris’s childhood friend. He’s honest and dependable and much loved by the people of Walden. He tries to keep Iris out of trouble and frequently becomes exasperated by her risky methods of obtaining information.

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